Twelve Legends

Twelve Legends



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Screen  12 Disc

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Screen  19 Disc

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Drama Title: Twelve Legends 十二谭
Origin: China
Release Date: 2021
Episodes: 32


Twelve Legends : Jin Xing Jian was originally an ordinary rock who displayed the characteristics of both a deity and a demon. He had his own studio in the human world, and was introduced to several quirky demons along the way – there’s the love story between a fish sprite and a noble and a jujube demon who wants to become an immortal. However, it’ll take the hero more than just learning through observation to get back the love of his life – Ye Ming, the human form of a luminous night pearl.

In the Republic of China, Jin Xing Jian is a well-known master of gold stones. He was originally transformed from the sky-filling stone of Nuwa in ancient times. It has been thousands of years since he came to the world as a cultivator. He loves Ye Ming deeply. In order to help Ye Ming survive her thunderstorm trial, he embarks on a fantasy journey of finding a seal.

The drama follows the hero and heroine looking for eight seals. They begin on a hilarious, passionate, sweet and interesting journey. Surrounding the word “love”, they show the love and hatred of all creatures.


Jasper Liu as Jin Xing Jian
Gulnexer Bextiyar as Ye Ming
Jason Koo as Lian Xuan
Liu Chang as Yu shao Bai
Zhou Jun Wei
Katherine Yang

Credit http : myasianartist