Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare



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Title: 花好月又圆 / Hua Hao Yue You Yuan
English title: Truth or Dare
Genre: Historical, romance, comedy
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 2021-Jun-08

Truth or Dare : A story that follows two couples who mistakenly find themselves in a marriage they never expected and gradually grow in love and trust over time.
The cheerful and clever Xiao Wan Zi grew up as a street performer with her dad selling their special skill of breaking a big stone on the chest. An unexpected encounter utterly changes Xiao Wan Zi’s life. Xiao Wan Zi who neither knew how to read nor write suddenly finds herself becoming a princess. Opposed to marrying the princess, Mei San Shao pushes Xiao Wan Zi away in hopes that she’d willingly retreat. Meanwhile, the king has arranged a marriage for Lu Ying Yao, the daughter of the 9th prince. However, bandit Xiao Bao Ye mistakenly takes her as his wife.

Li Geng Xi as Xiao Wanzi
Huang Jun Jie as Mei Shiqing, third young master of Mei manor
Xu Wei Luo as Mei Shiqing (young)
Sun An Ke as Lu Yingyao
Ding Jia Wen as Bandit Master Xiao Bao, third master of Dragon Stockade
People around Xiao Wanzi
Fan Wei as Qiao Yun, Xiao Wanzi’s / Lu Yingyao’s attendant
Wang Xi Wen as Qiu Hua, Xiao Wanzi’s / Lu Yingyao’s bodyguard
Han Qiu Chi as He Yizhi, Xiao Wanzi’s father

Production Credits
Director: Xu Hui Kang
Screenwriters: Ai Yan Ru, Dong Li Ya , Chen Ming
Producer: Yan Yu Song, Zhou Zhao Zhong
Makeup Artist: Zeng Ming Hui
Company: Linekong Pictures, Youku

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