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Scrapbook is a hobby that dates back to the 15th century, initially as a collection of items such as letters, greeting cards, and in many European museums the books are beautifully handwritten. and decorated with dried flowers There are also small strands of important people’s strands as a souvenir.

In the early days of the notebook It’s like a friendship notebook. Victorian era A printer has been created. There is a serious printing of photographic decorations for notebooks. Therefore, it is very popular.

Scrapbook today is a book that collects stories, pictures, stuck on paper or notebooks. Many people may understand that Scrapbook is an art that children play with, but in reality, Scrapbook is like a reminder. Everyone has good memories. that want to keep for a long time There are pictures stored in the album. For example, the first flower from the first fan that has been covered in the book for many years. Tickets for the first movie we watched together, and more, Scrapbook will help us bring those memories back to life. Complement it with a short message. that we may read and understand ours alone old bus ticket with a short message with dried flower petals on paper and decorated beautifully It might make us smile every time we open it. Some people may make gifts for each other. Nowadays, in America, there are many Scrapbook Clubs in almost every city.


Scrapbook enthusiasts will gather. Exchange ideas, including decorative accessories such as beautiful paper, fabric flowers, and many other sundries to create beautiful creations. In making scratchbooks, besides being a hobby that encourages the use of the left brain to think. or imagined The purpose is to record each memory story in the past. With beautiful photographs and note taking, nowadays there is an exhibition showing the scrapbook until it is more well known. And it’s becoming more and more popular as well. The elements of making a scrapbook are pieces, pictures, descriptions, titles, and decorations.

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