The Red Sleeve Cuff

The Red Sleeve Cuff



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Title: 옷소매 붉은 끝동 / Red Sleeve
Also known as: The Red Sleeve Cuff / Dress Sleeved Red / Red Cuff of the Sleeve
Genre: Romance, historical
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Nov-12 to 2022-Jan-01
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


This drama is based on novel “Red Sleeve Cuff” by Kang Mi Kang which was published on 2017 by Chungeoram.

It tells the record of a royal court romance between the King of Joseon who believes his duty is to his country first above love, and a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen.


Main Cast

Lee Jun Ho as Lee San, later King Jeongjo
Lee Se Young as Sung Duk Im, later Royal Noble Consort Ui
Kang Hoon as Hong Duk Ro / Hong Kook Young

Royal family

Lee Duk Hwa as King Yeongjo
Jang Hee Jin as Queen Jeongsun
Kang Mal Geum (강말금) as Hong Hye Bin, later Lady Hyegyeong
Kim Yi Eon (김이온) as Princess Chung Yun
Jo Seung Hee (조승희) as Princess Chung Sun

Court ladies

Park Ji Young as Head Court Lady Jo
Ji Eun (지은) as Kang Wol Hye
Cha Mi Kyung (차미경) as Court Lady Park

People around Lee San

Oh Dae Hwan as Kang Tae Ho
Moon Jung Dae (문정대) as Seo Kye Joong
Bae Je Ki as Jung Jae Hwa
Kim Kang Min (김강민) as Kim Doo Sung
Yoon Hyo Sik (윤효식) as Crown Prince’s Eunuch

People around Duk Im

Jang Hye Jin as Court Lady Seo
Lee Min Ji as Kim Bok Yun
Ha Yool Ri (하율리) as Bae Kyung Hee
Lee Eun Saem (이은샘) as Son Young Hee

Production Credits

Production Companies: npio Entertainment, WEMAD
Director: Jung Ji In
Screenwriter: Jung Hae Ri

Facebook : Ackercover
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