The Rebel

The Rebel



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Title: The Rebel
Chinese Title: 叛逆者 / Pan Ni Zhe
Genre: Revolution, Spy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Zhou You
Screenwriter: Li Xiaoming, Qin Wen, Zhou You, Li Ruqiao, Zhang Bin, Guan Jingfeng, Chen Ting
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Bi Yu


In 1936, Lin Nansheng, a young student of the Fuxing Club cadre training class, was taken to Shanghai by Chen Moqun, the head of the Shanghai district of the Fuxing Club, to participate in the arrest of the underground party lurking in the Lanyi Club. In the process of carrying out the activities, the upright and simple Lin Nansheng was constantly attracted by the sense of mission and fearless sacrifice of Gu Shenyan, Ji Zhongyuan, Zhu Yizhen, and other Communists for the country and the people, and had a deeper understanding of the chaos within the Kuomintang and the social reality. Thinking, I also have a better understanding of the beliefs and pursuits of the Communists.

Lin Nansheng was brave and resolute in the fight against the Japanese and puppets, and he repeatedly made military exploits. In the face of national justice, he has stood with the Communists many times, especially at some critical moments, he used his special status in the military to provide great help to the underground party.

After ten years of knowledge and choice, after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Lin Nansheng has grown into a true Communist Party member. And at the critical moment of the War of Liberation, he made outstanding contributions to the party and the country.

Zhu Yilong as Lin Nan Sheng
Tong Yao as Zhu Yi Zhen
Wang Zhi Wen as Gu Shen Yan
Wayne Wang as Chen Mo Qun
Zhu Zhu as Lan Xin Jie
Li Qiang as Ji Zhong Yuan
Mickey Yuan as Meng An Nan
Dai Xu as Zuo Qiu Ming
Yao An Lian – Zhu Xiao Xian
Mickey Yuan – Meng An Nan
Zhang Zi Xian – Wang Shi An
Xia Ming Hao – Sun Fuan

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