The Eternal Love 3

The Eternal Love 3



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Title: 双世宠妃3 / Shuang Shi Chong Fei 3
English title: The Eternal Love 3
Genre: Historical, romance, comedy
Broadcast network: Tencent
Episodes: 32
Broadcast period: 2021-Jun-01
Related TV series: The Eternal Love (2017), The Eternal Love 2 (2018)

Qu Tan’er has time-travelled again. This time, she has come to a world where gender roles have been reversed and men are treated as unequal to women. Mo Lian Cheng is one of the eligible bachelors joining the palace selection, yet finds that he is being relentlessly pursued by the unabashed princess who will do anything to win his heart. Will he finally remember her to become her husband for the third lifetime?


The Eternal Love 3
Liang Jie as Qu Tan’er / Qu Xiao Tan
Xing Zhao Lin as Mo Lian Cheng
Fang Yi Lun as Mo Yan Chen
Sun Yi Ning as Jing Xin
Zhou Zi Xin as Lin Ke
Chen Jing Ke
Wang Hao Ge as Mo Jing Xuan
Hu Chun Yong as Yu Hao
Zhang Tian Ai
Ni Han Jin
Zhou Hang

Production Credits
Original Writing: Bao Xiao Chong Fei (爆笑宠妃:爷我等你休妻) by Fan Que (梵缺)
Screenwriter: Yang Shi Ye
Producer: Zhao Jie, Li Yang (李暘)
Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Credit http : Dramawiki