Revolutionary Sisters

Revolutionary Sisters



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Drama: Revolutionary Sisters
Revised romanization: Ok Kwangjamae
Hangul: 오케이 광자매
Director: Lee Jin-Seo
Writer: Moon Young-Nam
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 50
Release Date: March 13 – September 18,

The series opens with the murder of a mother that is committed during a parent’s divorce proceedings and all members of the Lee family and the extended family are suspected of murder. This series further tells the suspenseful but humorous story of the aftermath of the murder.

Lee Cheol-soo (Yoon Joo-sang) has three daughters, Lee Gwang-nam, Lee Gwang-sik and Lee Gwang-tae. He is stickler for rules and principles. The daughters resent him. Lee Gwang-nam, the eldest, is proud, selfish and the apple of her mother’s eyes. Her mother has suffered due to her father, so she dislikes him. Lee Gwang-sik, the second daughter is a public officer. She is smart, principled and considerate to others. Lee Gwang-tae, the youngest daughter, is good at martial arts and works part-time. Marriage is no-no for her.

Yoon Joo-sang as Lee Cheol-soo
65 years old, father of three daughters, Bong-ja’s brother-in-law, Taeng-ja’s brother-in-law, works to open the toilet sewage system
Hong Eun-hee as Lee Gwang-nam
First daughter, egoistic, vain and conceited, Lee Cheol-soo’s first daughter, Gwang-sik and Gwang-tae’s eldest sister
Jeon Hye-bin as Lee Gwang-sik
Second daughter, smart and just, wise and considerate and an intelligent government employee
Go Won-hee as Lee Gwang-tae
Youngest sister to Gwang-nam and Gwang-sik, 11th-degree black belts, cheerful and cool, a trend taker[11]
Kim Kyung-nam as Han Ye-seul
Trot singer, Gwang-sik’s lover, humorous and a manly character
Choi Dae-chul as Bae Byeon-ho
45 years old, Lee Gwang-nam’s husband, a successful lawyer
Lee Bo-hee as Oh Bong-ja
57 years old, aunt of three sisters, Cheol-soo’s sister in law, Taeng-ja’s older sister, owner of a one-room building
Lee Byung-joon as Han Dol-se
57 years old, Han Ye-seul’s father, junior from Lee Cheol-soo’s hometown

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