Rebirth For You

Rebirth For You



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Title: 嘉南传 / Jia Nan Zhuan
Also known as: 慕南枝 / Mu Nan Zhi
English title: Rebirth For You
Genre: Historical, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: iQiyi, Tencent
Broadcast period: 2021-Oct-17
Original soundtrack: Rebirth For You OST

Rebirth For You : Jiang Bao Ning, the commandery princess of Jia Nan, grows up in the palace since childhood. She remains carefree despite knowing that there is no freedom within the palace walls and does not want to be used as a puppet.

Thus, relying on her own ingenuity, she resists the fate of becoming a tool in the inner palace fighting.

Li Qian, a guard of the Imperial Army, wants to understand the truth behind some events many years ago. He works hard to seek a higher position in the palace, just to get relevant clues.

They are two people with vastly different personalities who meet by chance and love each other. In order to reverse their own destiny, they work together, look forward to breaking through the barriers of identity and stay with their loved ones for a lifetime.

Ju Jing Yi as Jiang Baoning (voiced by Xu Jia Qi), Commandery Princess Jia Nan
Wang Si Wei as Jiang Baoning (young)
Zeng Shun Xi as Li Qian (voiced by Su Shang Qing), third-ranked armed guard of the imperial guards. Li Qian’s husband
Ren Jin You as Li Qian (young)
Wang Zhuo Cheng as Zhao Xiao (voiced by Yi Fan), son of Marquis Jinghai
Wang Yi Ting as Li Dongzhi (voiced by Zheng Yan), Li Qian’s younger sister
Li Yi Zhen as Gao Miaorong (voiced by Zhang Yu Tong), Li Qian’s god-sister who has a one-sided love for him
Li Yun Rui as Qing An (voiced by Zhang He), the second prince of Yong Qing Country
Chen Hong Bian as Qing An (young)

Production Credits
Original Writing: Mu Nan Zhi (慕南枝) by Zhi Zhi
Director: Zhi Lei, Fu Ce Xin
Screenwriter: Ju Fang Fang
Producer: Zhang Meng, Liu Yi Heng, Yu Jiao Yu (余蛟雨), Yi Wen Yang (易文洋), Yu Ping (余萍)
Executive Producer: Han Zhi Jie, Fang Fang, Huang Fei Fei, Wang Wei (王伟)
Presenter: Sun Zhong Huai, Wang Jing (王靖)
Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Star 48 Culture and Media Group, Qing Chun You Jia

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