Racket Boys

Racket Boys



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Drama: Racket Boys
Revised romanization: Racket Sonyeondan
Hangul: 라켓소년단
Director: Jo Young-Gwang
Writer: Jung Bo-Hoon
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: May 31 – July 20, 2021
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

A story of a boys’ badminton team at a middle school in Haenam as they compete in a junior athletic competition. The 16 year old boys and girls in Haenam grow as people during this time.

Yoon Hyeon-Jong (Kim Sang-Kyung) was once the best badminton player and he now takes the coach job of a boys’ badminton team at a middle school in Haenam. The badminton team is on the verge of being disbanded. The players on the team are Yoon Hae-Kang (Tang Joon-Sang), Bang Yoon-Dam (Son Sang-Yeon), Na Woo-Chan (Choi Hyun-Wook) and Lee Yong-Tae (Kim Kang-Hoon). The players are not very good yet.

Meanwhile, Ra Yeong-Ja (Oh Na-Ra) is the coach of the girls’ badminton team at a different middle school in Haenam. Her badminton team ranks #1 among their peers.

Main Cast
Kim Sang-kyung as Yoon Hyeon-jong,
A badminton coach and father of Hae-kang who moves to the countryside to earn more money
Oh Na-ra as Ra Yeong-ja
A living legend in the badminton world and junior high school coach, also called as “Ranos” for her go-by-the-book attitude, mother of Yoon Hae-kang and Yoon Hae-in
Tang Joon-sang as Yoon Hae-kang
An ex badminton prodigy and baseball enthuist, who starts playing badminton again after moving to the countryside

Son Sang-yeon as Bang Yoon-dam
Choi Hyun-wook as Na Woo-chan
Kim Kang-hoon as Lee Yong-tae
Lee Jae-in as Han Se-yoon
Lee Ji-won as Lee Han-sol

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