One Boat One World

One Boat One World



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Title: 海洋之城 / Hai Yang Zhi Cheng
English title: One Boat One World
Genre: Workplace, romance
Episodes: 45
Broadcast network: Jiangsu TV
Broadcast period: 2021-Mar-23


The super cruise ship carries more than 6,000 tourists and staff. It is a walking global village and a miniature small society.

The various worlds of tourists, the joys and sorrows of their worlds, the struggle and love of young people are all displayed in the same boat.

Chinese navigator Ding Kai and rookie team leader Tian Yue meet on this multicultural dream ship. They encounter different passengers, colleagues, and relatives such as Xiao Kui, Wang Zi Yang, Chen An Ni, the captain, and the ship’s doctor. After ups and downs, the two witness each other’s growth and fall in love.

Together they experience love and dreams, tears and laughter while meeting all kinds of people. The legend of the vast sea and sky is not only the life of a cruise ship, but also every life in progress.


Zhang Han as Ding Kai
Yang Jia Ye as Ding Kai (young)
Wang Li Kun as Tian Yue
Li Wei Er as Tian Yue (young)
Wang Guan Yi as Wang Ziyang
Zhang Ya Mei as Chen Anni
Guo Zi Qian as He Cai
Kenny Bee as Mr. Tang
Guo Xiao Ran as Fang Dawei
Xu Min as Grandpa Jiang
Liao Xue Qiu as Hu Xianzhi, Granny Hu
Wang Zi Wei as Hu Xianzhi (young)
Li Yi Ming as Song Lili
Liang Bo Xin as Chen Fei
Deng Ying as Yu Wenli, Mother Ding
Li Pin Feng as Father Ding

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