Once We Get Married

Once We Get Married



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Title: 只是结婚的关系 / Zhi Shi Jie Hun De Guan Xi
English title: Once We Get Married
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: 2021-Oct-08

Once We Get Married : Gu Xi Xi is a fashion shopper, who runs a small online shop from home, and buys Alex’s couture wedding dresses for her clients. During a private reception, she gets acquainted with Yin Si Chen, the black-bellied president who came to discuss business cooperation with Alex. An incident occurs leading to them to temporarily maintain a contract cooperative marriage relationship for a win-win situation pertaining to Alex. The two with opposite personalities gradually find love in this contract marriage.

Wang Yu Wen as Gu Xixi (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu)
Wang Zi Qi as Yin Sichen
Ma Chen Yan as Yin Sichen (young)
Ian Yi as Mo Zixin
Zhong Li Li as Ran Xiwei
Yang Yue as Mu Ruona
Li Jun Chen as Shang Ke
Chen Yi Xin as Lin Xiaoya

Production Credits
Original Writing: Shan Hun Zong Cai Qi Yue Qi (闪婚总裁契约妻) by Zhan Hua Fu Liu (拈花拂柳)
Director: Li Yao Bo, Chu De Jian
Screenwriter: Shang Meng Lu, Zhang Xiao
Producer: Li Er Yun, Huang Xing, Liu Zhi Min, Duan Cui Han
Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Enjoy Pictures

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