Ni Chang

Ni Chang



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Title: 小女霓裳 / Xiao nu ni chang
English title: Ni Chang
Genre: Historical, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 20th Apr 2021


Set in the Ning dynasty, the story revolves around Xie Xiaoni, who aspires to become a business woman. After her family was framed and killed by the Su family, Xiao Ni vows to seek revenge for her family. She assumed the name of “Ni Chang” and enters the Yunjin Pavilion to learn embroidery skills. Over time with hard work, she managed to establish her position in the industry. At this time, the Su family realizes her intention and tried to kill her. Thankfully with the help of Ouyang Ziyu, Xiao Ni manages to escape. One year later, she comes back with a new identity, this time successfully helping her family to wash their grievance. Xiao Ni also manages to become a successful businesswoman.


Li Jia Qi as Xie Xiaoni
Bi Wen Jun as Ouyang Ziyu
Sun Jia Lu as Yan Wenxiu
Song Wen Zuo as Su Wenyu
Zeng Qi as Yuan Xiang
He Ze Yuan as Cheng Tian
Xing En as Xie Feng
Li Yu Xuan as Yuan Daocheng
Xiao Xiang Fei
Wang Ruo Lin
Liu Jing Yi
Li Yi Xiao as Yuan Niang
Guo Jia Yi
Chen Teng Yue as Shen Lan

Credit http: Dramawiki