Imandix Cover Pro v0.9.3.0 [Program]

Imandix Cover Pro v0.9.3.0 [Program]


Imandix Cover Pro v.9.3.0

– PNG Export of the dynamic scene with transparent background
– Batch Saving of the static and dynamic scene with or without background
– Slide bar control of drop shadow in collections
– Memory leaks fixed, other bug fixing
– Languages included: Italian and portugese
– Some design changes
– New standard scene background


The program for creation of three-dimensional images of DVD-boxes. IMANDIX Cover Pro allows to create boxes of the various standard sizes, to generate at once some DVD-boxes on one image and to look through the created models in a three-dimensional kind. There is a possibility of change of an arrangement of three-dimensional boxes at space manually or by means of 30 established templates, function of adjustment of colour of a box and a back background of a picture, and also an angle of slope, an incident light and a shade. Export of images to popular formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIF), with the permission to 2000×2000 pixels is supported. Besides,

IMANDIX Cover Pro can movement of boxes in space and export the created animation to video format AVI. For viewing of DVD-boxes in a three-dimensional kind it is necessary to establish Java 3D API 1.3.1 or above.

You simply load your cover bitmap file and the software generates a 3D illustration of it. You can use these illustrations at your web site or prints or just to see how the cover case looks like with your own cover bitmap.

-You can create virtual product shots of these media:
-All DVD cover sizes (Thin box, Amaray, … to the big cases that hold 10 discs)
-Blu-ray cases (12.5 and 15 mm spine width)
-CD cases (Slim case, Jewel case, Jewel case with clear edge)
-Discs (standard and full face label)
-Nearly all Digipaks (from 4 mm to 15 mm spine width)
-Paul Champagne designer boxes (all sizes, cases that hold Blu-rays coming soon)
-Custom cases (Poster, magazine, paperback)
-Custom boxes (like software boxes or packages)


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