Hospital Playlist 2

Hospital Playlist 2



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Title: 슬기로운 의사생활 2 / Hospital Playlist 2
Genre: Medical
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-June-17 to 2021-Sep-02
Air time: Thursday 21:00
Related Series: Hospital Playlist Series


Hospital Playlist 2 : Lee Ik-jun (Jo Jung-suk) is an assistant professor of general surgery specializing in liver transplants. He takes care of his young son as a single father after getting divorced from his adulterous wife. His cheerful charisma allows him to connect with many people, making him a popular figure among both patients and other doctors. Unapologetically good at anything he puts his mind too, Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), an assistant professor of pediatric surgery, is generous and caring, endearing him to his patients. He is a devout Catholic and secretly plans to become a priest due to the pain caused by seeing his patients suffer. Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho) is an associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery, who appears cold and professional.

However, he hides a soft, kind temperament that rarely shows, only surfacing with his friends and certain patients. Yang Seok-hyeong (Kim Dae-myung), an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, is an aloof and introverted doctor. Though he comes off as detached, he is willing to go the extra mile for the female patients under his watch. He is divorced and deeply cares for his mother. Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do), the only female in the group of friends, is an associate professor of neurosurgery. She is considered perfect by her colleagues: she treats patients kindly, performs hundreds of successful surgeries, and has a great personality.

The story revolves around the group of friends as they embark on hospital adventures involving medicine, music, and relationships.

Main Cast

Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Joon (hepatobiliary surgeon)
Yoo Yun Suk as Ahn Jung Won (pediatric surgeon)
Jung Kyung Ho as Kim Joon Wan (cardiothoracic surgeon)
Kim Dae Myung as Yang Suk Hyung (obstetrician and gynecologist)
Jun Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa (neurosurgeon)

Supporting Cast

Kim Hae Sook as Jeong Ro Sa
Jung Moon Sung as Do Jae Hak
Shin Hyun Bin as Jang Gyeo Wool
Kwak Sun Young as Lee Ik Soon
Ahn Eun Jin as Chu Min Ha
Moon Tae Yoo as Yong Seok Min
Choi Young Joon as Bong Kwang Hyeon
Ha Yoon Kyung as Heo Sun Bin

Production Credits

Production Companies: Egg is Coming, CJ ENM E&M
Director: Shin Won Ho
Screenwriter: Lee Woo Jung

Facebook : Ackercover
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