Facebook E-Commerce Training Guide

Facebook E-Commerce Training Guide



English | October 26th, 2021 | ISBN: 9781456638269 | 256 pages | True EPUB | 4.19 MB

Facebook E-Commerce Mastery
Learn The Secrets To Take Your Business To The Next Level Using The Power Of Facebook Shops!


Facebook Is making a major New Push into e-commerce from their marketplace program as many businesses are creating and strengthening their digital presence, Facebook has built new tools to help make online shopping seamless with … Facebook Shops!

The idea behind Facebook Shops is to bring millions of small businesses online who have had to close their stores due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And while every business, both big and small, can benefit from this, Facebook Shops is especially valuable to small businesses.

That’s because Shops are free and easy to create, fast, and, most importantly, they’re integrated across Facebook’s many apps, meaning once you set up your shop, it’s going to be available on your Facebook Page and your Instagram profile (and accessible from stories and ads).

Clearly, the results are stating that Facebook shops will be an exciting feature for businesses to explore. Luckily, the new feature has opened tons of opportunities for businesses to explore Facebook marketing.


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