Dream of Chang An

Dream of Chang An



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Title: 与君歌 / Yu Jun Ge / Dream of Chang An
Also known as: 梦醒长安 / Meng Xing Chang An / Dream of Chang’an
English title: Stand By Me
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 49
Broadcast network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
Broadcast period: 2021-Aug-08

Set in the late Tang Dynasty during Emperor Wenzong’s rule, the court was ruled by powerful eunuchs. Tang Wenzong and Wang Ya, Li Xun, Zheng Zhu and others set up a plan in an attempt to slaughter the eunuch Qiu Shiliang, but unfortunately failed. The prime minister, Wang Ya, had his entire clan sentenced to death, but only two granddaughters escaped. The younger sister was adopted by Shanggong Yuxi of the Ziyi Bureau and renamed Cheng Ruoyu; while the older sister was adopted as Qiu Shiliang’s god-daughter and renamed Qiu Yanzhi.

Seven years later, the new emperor Li Yan ascended the throne and launched the Ziyi Bureau against Qiu Shiliang. As a result, the two sisters was finally able to reunite, but both did not recognize each other. In pursuit of Wen Zong’s edict, the two sisters became deathly rivals. When she knew that the person she had been framing was actually her sister, Yan Zhi decided to sacrifice herself to save her sister. In the end, Cheng Ruoyu helped Li Yan eradicate Qiu Shiliang. After Li Yan’s death, Li Chen assumed the throne, and was determined to work hard to rejuvenate the Tang Dynasty.

Main Cast
Cheng Yi as Li Yan
Zhang Yu Xi as Cheng Ruoyu
Xuan Lu as Qiu Yanzhi
Han Dong as Prince Guang
Mickey He as Qiu Shiliang

Supporting Cast
Xi Xue as Cheng Xi
Yang Xi Zi as Liu Ersha
He Zhong Hua as Li Deyu
Yao Yi Chen as Han Yue
Xu Si Yu as Li Zening
Li Jun Yi as Yan Xiu
Fu Fang Jun as Han Ding

Production Credits
Original Writing: Jian Qi Xing (剑器行) by Shi Si Que (十四阙)
Director: Liu Guo Nan, Zhao Li Jun
Screenwriter: Shi Si Que (十四阙)
Producer: Zhong Jun Yan, Zhong Kai, Gao Xin Jie
Company: H&R Century Pictures, Wanda Media, Innovation Media Power


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