Dance of the Sky Empire

Dance of the Sky Empire



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Title: 天舞纪 / Tian wu ji
English title: Dance of the Sky Empire
Genre: Historical, fantasy, school
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-08

The story is set in the Tang dynasty, an era where humans co-exists alongside demons. A man who is of half-human and half-demon blood named Li Xuan broke the temporal peace of the world. The story follows Li Xuan as he deals with the responsibility of protecting his different bloodlines and the peace of Chang’an; as well as his complex relationship with Su Youlian, a spy from the demon tribe and Long Wei’er, his lover in a parallel world.

Xu Kai as Li Xuan (voiced by Qian Wen Qing)
Yang Hao Tian as young Li Xuan
Disciple of Zi Ji. Guardian of Tian Qi Kingdom
Wu Jia Yi as Su Youlian (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu)
Feng Xue Ya as young Su Youlian
Saintess of Kun Wu Tribe.
Hani Kezi as Yun Shan (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)
Princess of Sha Kingdom.
Zhou Jun Chao as Xiao Fengming (voiced by Hu Liang Wei)
Li Chao Ping as young Xiao Fengming
A clumsy scholar.
Li Jun Chen as Yu Fengmu (voiced by Wen Sen)
Prince of Sha Kingdom.
Yu Xin Tong as Long Wei’er (voiced by Li Shi Meng)

Production Credits
Original Writing: Tian Wu Ji (天舞纪) by Bu Fei Yan (步非烟)
Director: Zhao Jin Tao, Wu Wen Guang
Screenwriter: Zhang Hai Fan, Bu Fei Yan (步非烟), Bi Yong
Company: Perfect World Pictures, iQiyi, G.H.Y Culture & Media

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