Crossroad Bistro

Crossroad Bistro



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English title: Crossroad Bistro
Title: 北辙南辕 / Bei Zhe Nan Yuan
Genre: Metropolitan, romance, drama
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: 2021-Jul-11 to 2021-Aug-10

Crossroad Bistro : About five women who opened up a restaurant named Bei Zhe Nan Yuan in Beijing; and in the process they mature and attain love. As the biggest shareholder of their restaurant, You Shan Shan single-handedly brought her best girlfriends together. Bao Xue, an optimistic little-known actress, and Dai Xiao Yu who returned from overseas are cousins. Upon their reunion, they settle into a daily life filled with endless banter. The remaining two shareholders are not to be underestimated. Si Meng is a housewife while Feng Xi went to Beijing for the sake of love.

Chuo Ni as Si Meng
Wang Luo Dan as You Shanshan
Sui Yuan as Feng Xi
Lan Ying Ying as Bao Xue
Jin Chen as Dai Xiaoyu
Zhao Qian
Han Geng as Yu Songyang
Zhang Xi Lin as Bao Qidong
Liu Xiao Qing as Granny Bai

Production Credits
Director: Feng Xiao Gang
Screenwriter: Chen Ping
Company: iQiyi

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