Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls



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Title: 불가살 / Bulgasal: Immortal Souls
Also known as: Immortality
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-Dec-18 to 2022-Feb-06
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


Bulgasal : Immortal Souls : The series tells the story of a woman who repeats death and reincarnation as a human for 600 years and remembers her past lives, and a man who cannot kill nor be killed and has lived for the past 600 years as a bulgasal—a mythical creature that feeds off human blood and is cursed with immortality.


Main Cast

Lee Jin Wook as Dan Hwal
Kwon Na Ra as Min Sang Woon
Lee Joon as Ok Eul Tae
Gong Seung Yeon as Dan Sol

Supporting Cast

Jung Jin Young as Dan Geuk,
Park Myung Shin as a Shaman
Kim Woo Seok as Nam Do Yoon
Han Dong kyu as Koo Bong

Production Credits

Director: Jang Young Woo
ScriptWriter: Kwon So Ra, Seo Jae Won

Facebook : Ackercover
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