Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics

Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics



English | 2019 | ASIN: 9781393396062 | 269 pages | PDF,EPUP | 5.1 MB
This book will explain the basics of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency in an easy to understand format.
No technical jargon is used, and no previous experience is required.
You will find clear and concise guidance on exactly how to buy, store, invest and trade with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics: A non-technical introduction for beginners on Blockchain Technology

You will also be gently guided through everything that you should know so that you can enter the intricate world of cryptocurrency with confidence.

Inside you will learn

What is Blockchain and how can I get started with it
What problems does the Blockchain solve?
What started the Blockchain Revolution
Blockchain pros and cons
Blockchain main application scenarios
Blockchain myths debunked
Powerful crypto trading and investment secrets
Ethereum and Ripple explained
The truth about Smart Contracts
Insider Mining strategies
Altcoins and how they can be used
Exactly how you can find, buy, store, trade and accept Bitcoin
How Bitcoin can benefit you and your business
The best, most secure wallets and where to find them
How you can easily spot and avoid thefts and scams
Valuable hints, tips and tricks to help you get started
And much more. Click on the book to see the chapters. You will be impressed.
Although still in its infancy, Blockchain and Bitcoin have already started a multi-billion-dollar global economy which is available to anyone who has the knowledge and desire to get involved. Don’t get left behind. Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics has all the information that you need to get started today.




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