Arrow Season 4

Arrow Season 4



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Arrow Season 4


John Diggle, Thea Queen, and Laurel Lance continue fighting crime in Starling City, recently renamed ‘Star City’ in honor of Ray Palmer, who apparently died in an explosion. The city’s leadership, including Quentin Lance, assemble to discuss a criminal group named the “Ghosts” who are terrorizing the city. Damien Darhk, revealed to be controlling the Ghosts, systematically begins assassinating the city’s leadership, but fails to kill Quentin. Laurel and Thea convince Oliver Queen, who was trying to propose to Felicity Smoak, to leave Ivy Town and return and help them, which Diggle reluctantly approves. Oliver realizes that Felicity has been helping the team. The team tracks the Ghosts, where they witness Darhk using some form of mystical energy manipulation. Oliver notices Thea’s excessive aggressiveness. Working together, the team stops Darhk’s terrorist attack. Diggle deduces that Darhk is leading H.I.V.E. Afterward, taking the name “Green Arrow”, Oliver broadcasts a message to the city vowing to be a beacon of hope, while Quentin is revealed to be working with Darhk under duress. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller finds Oliver and forces him back on Lian Yu to assess a new threat. He is captured upon arrival.



Stephen Amell
Katie Cassidy
David Ramsey
Willa Holland
Emily Bett Rickards
John Barrowman
Paul Blackthorne