Amor Fati

Amor Fati



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Drama: Amor Fati
Revised romanization: Amor Fati
Hangul: 아모르파티
Director: Bae Tae-Sub
Writer: Nam Sun-Hye
Network: SBS
Release Date: April 12, 2021 —
Runtime: Monday – Friday 08:40-09:10
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

A divorcee with cancer and a penniless single father meet and heal their wounds with the help of each other.

Do Yeon-Hee (Choi Jung-Yoon) is the only daughter-in-law of a family, who runs the Rara Group. She has a perfect life, but her husband cheats on her. Due to the other woman, Do Yeon-Hee’s life changes completely.

Han Jae-Kyeong (Ahn Jae-Mo) used to be a professional golfer. To let his wife achieve her dream and support her while she studies abroad, he quit playing golf and became a golfing instructor at a practice facility. He raises his son by himself, while his wife is away. When his wife returns to South Korea, she asks him for a divorce.

Choi Jung-yoon as Do Yeon-hee
45 years old, housewife, Junho’s wife, Seowoo’s mother, Lara Group’s only daughter-in-law
Ahn Jae-mo as Han Jae-kyung
40 years old, a former pro-golfer, now golf teaching pro, Yoo-na’s husband
Bae Seul-ki as Kang Yoo-na
35 years old, stylist assistant-director of Lara Fashion, Jae-kyung’s wife, Ha-neul’s mother, Joon-ho’s lover
Park Hyung-joon as Jang Joon-ho
48 years old, CEO of Lara Fashion, Do Yeon-hee’s husband, Lara Group’s only son

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