The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow



Cover TH  1-2 = 1
Cover TH 4-6-8 = 1
Screen  1 Dise

Up to 6 times/1 Week


Genre Comedy-drama
Time travel
Written by Chan Ching-yee
Choi Ting-ting

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow : The story begins in Qing dynasty, China with Yongzheng Emperor disguising himself among commoners to have a meal outside the imperial courts. At the restaurant he encounters a woman named Lui Sei-leung who was under attack by loan sharks for not returning debts. The emperor comes across her situation, and pays off the debt for her. Later during a ship departure, Lui approaches the emperor and thanks him for his deed. She suddenly reveals herself to be a Ming Dynasty revolutionist and attempts to kill the emperor. The boat is then all of a sudden caught in a time-traveling

Kwong Wa as Yongzheng Emperor / Lee Dai-ha (李大蝦)
Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee as Assassin Lui Sei-leung (呂四娘)
Melissa Ng as Rachel Shum Yat-oi (岑日愛)
Gilbert Lam as Frankie Shum Yat-lai (岑日禮)
Paul Chun as Shum Shiu-hong (岑兆康)
Anthony Tang as Hugo Shum Yat-hau (岑日孝)
Ram Chiang as Brian Shum Yat Chung (岑日忠)
Halina Tam as Tina Wan Tin-la (尹天娜)
June Chan as Po Chu (寶珠)
Lo Meng as Po Fei (寶飛)
Joe Cheng as Ko King (高勁)
Jack Wu as Po On (寶安)
Gordon Liu as Heung Yeung (向陽)
Akina Hong as Szeto Yuk-ming (司徒旭明)
Edmond So as Kenneth Ma
Mark Kwok as Marco
Derek Kwok as 14th Imperial Uncle (十四皇爺)
Savio Tsang as 8th Imperial Uncle (八皇爺)

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